Angular 2 is awesome.

Nevertheless, it is still a new technology, meaning the downside of Angular2 is that many of the components that web developers have come to rely on haven’t been ported over yet. After struggling through many tearful, sleepless nights, I have a few components for Angular2 that I wanted to share.

Be warned, some of these will require additional libraries, such as JQuery, so this series may not be for the library minimalist. Be comforted, I have done my best to design these components in an Angular2 way so that if any of you decide to be the one to write an Angular2 “JQueryUI” library, you won’t have to go back and redo too much.

So far, this series contains three components that have been Angular2-ized:

  • JQueryUI dialog
  • TinyMCE editor – coming soon
  • Accordion View – this one is fully in Angular2! – coming soon

This tutorial assumes that you have already setup your Angular 2 project. If you haven’t done so already, go through the Angular 2 Quck Start.

Up Next:

JQuery UI Dialog In Angular 2 >

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